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About Us is an organization run by bidri handicraft artisans based at its origin (ie. Bidar city of Bidar District in Karnataka State of country India). is a World’s largest manufacturer and supplier, having its clientele base in each and every country. is serving the globe by presenting unique antique designs of Mogul art, Persian Design, Arabic Design, ancient hindu scripts and god and goddesses. We handicraft and manufacture Modern and Royal articles, which can be presented as gifts on memorable occasions to near and dears of craft lovers. is always in struggle to bring the handicraft at every desk and make it a part of every valuable occasion. is also struggling to make this craft the global renowned handicraft, as this craft has a potential to over-take all the handicrafts present in the world. has successfully managed to bring all the artisans of this craft under one shelter to work united and together.  We have introduced new designs and scheme of craft work in this craft, like embossing work, jadeed munawadkari, etc. We are try to bring the craft, to be affordable to each and every person of every country.